Duane Bruna, Director

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1644 Sunflower Road, Washington, Kansas.
Located two and a half miles east of Washington, on Highway 36.
We are a county owned facility.

Recycling Department

812 B Street

Phone: 785-325-2271

Fax: 785-325-2775


Business Hours:

Monday-Friday 8 to 4:30

Saturday 8 to noon

Mission Statement

To provide for a safe disposal site, protect the environment, and to encourage wisdom in the use of materials and chemicals in the home and business.

Function of the Department

To accept and dispose of solid waste for the citizens of Washington County.

To insure and maintain compliance with all State and Federal regulations regarding solid waste.

To maintain the recycling and household hazardous waste permanent facilities.

To maintain the composting and burn sites.

Solid Waste Disposal Area Services Charges

  • All loads will be weighed before entry into the facility. Please have load sorted if material is co-mingled with C & D, Metals, and Grass & Trees.
  • Loads must be secured so that nothing escapes your vehicle.
    • If load is not secured, you will be charged $25.00 fine!
  • Not acceptable Materials at Transfer Station
    •  Explosives, Ammunition, Asbestos Waste, Industrial Solid Waste, and Medical Waste
  • Accepted at HHW Facility
    • Used Oil, Antifreeze, Batteries, Recyclable Materials, and Household Hazards Waste

Special Waste – contact Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Construction and Demolition Landfill Policy

  • Washington County only accepts construction and demolition waste from Washington County only.
  • Construction and Demolition waste is defined as (K.S.A. 65-3402) Solid waste resulting from the construction, remodeling, repair and demolition of structures, roads, sidewalks and utilities.
  • All loads are weighed. Cost is 0.150 cents pound or $30.00 per Ton Materials accepted in the construction and demolition landfill area:
    • Untreated wood and sawdust.
    • Motor vehicle window glass.
    • Bricks, concrete other masonry materials.
    • Roofing material, wood products, wall or floor coverings, plaster, drywall, plumbing fixtures.
    • Electrical wiring, electrical components containing no hazardous materials.
    • Non-asbestos insulation and construction related packaging.
    • Wood Pallets.
    • Floor tiles, siding and roofing material containing non-friable asbestos (please contact the Solid Waste Department*.)
    • Treated wood from demolition projects.
    • Mobile home and trailers (except the tires and fuel tanks)
      •  *This material should be handled so it remains non-friable (e.g. may have to be manually removed proper to demolition of structure); transported wet (covered with a mist spray to suppress dust) or transported with trap cover; and covered immediately at the landfill.



The Transfer Station was built to accept municipal solid waste and transfer to a regional permitted sub-title D landfill, which is Hamm’s Quarry in Perry, Kansas.

Material accepted at this facility: Municipal Solid Waste, Construction & Demolition, Appliances without CFC’s or a ($10.00 for removal charge), Trees, Limbs, Grass, Chipped Wood, Metals, Straw and Wood.

2014 Tire Disposal Prices
Passenger Cars
Small Truck
Truck Tires
Car Without Rim: $2.00 Semi 19″/Larger:
Without Rim $5.50
Pickup/Car With Rim: $4.00 Super Single Semi:
Without Rim: $6.50
Pickup 16″ to 20″:
Without Rim: $3.50
Semi With Rim: $8.50
Skid Loader (Big) Front Tractor 11-16
$5.50 (Smaller ones prorated) $8.50 (Smaller ones prorated)
Rear Tractor Motor Grader
18.4 Without Rim:    $13.00

20.8 and Larger Without Rim: $16.50

With Rim:     $25.00

Motor Grader $10.00


In County   Out of County  Minimum
Municipal Waste $39.00/Ton
.0195 per lb
.0215 per lb
Compost/Brush $32.00/Ton
.016 per lb
Construction and Demolition $32.00/Ton
.016 per lb
C & D landfill $30.00/Ton $34.00 N/A


Appliances without a CFC removal certification will be charged an additional $10.00/unit.


Helpful Link For Additional Information:

Kansas Department of Health and Environment