Diana Svanda

County Clerk & Election Officer

Email: Diana Svanda


214 C Street, Washington, KS 66968

Phone:  785-325-2974

Fax: 785-325-2303

Hours: 8:00 to 5:00

Monday through Friday


Duties of County Clerk

  • Secretary to County Commissioners.
  • Process accounts payable for all county departments.
  • Process county payroll and prepare all necessary reports.
  • Balance daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly with the County Treasurer.
  • Maintain personnel files.
  • Maintain copies of current county policy and job descriptions.
  • Record transfer of ownership from all land transactions.
  • Maintain a file of all real estate by address, legal description and name.
  • Issue fish and game licenses, big game permits, and stamps.
  • Work closely with all county departments.

County Election Clerk

  • Voter Registration Site.
  • Maintain Registration Database.
  • Generate voter registration list and reports.
  • Accept filings for public office.
  • Make available advanced voting in the office 20 days prior to every election.
  • Prepare elections results and meet with the County Board of Canvassers.
  • Certify election results to the public and Secretary of State.
  • Combine all valuations for each tax district and certify values to each tax district and the state.
  • Assist with preparation of township, cemetery and fire district budgets and annual reports.
  • Compute all tax levies and prepare levy sheets.
  • Repare real estate, personal property, intangibles and state assessed tax roll and certify to County Treasurer for collection.
  • Prepare Homestead and Food Sales Tax returns.
  • Issue moving permits.
  • Maintain tax unit maps of the county.
  • Balance and certify distribution of motor vehicle taxes to the County Treasurer.
  • Assist and work with City Clerks


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